REVIEW: Makeup Revolutin fixing spray comparison

 Hey dolls,

I know I haven't posted in a while and I'm not even going to make up excuses for it, let's just say I've been busy. I promised myself to be more active on my blog this summer and although the school has ended almost a month ago this is my first post after two months, because I also started working in a store. I also have one post prepared for the following days but I'm actually hoping for an outfit post really soon. I hope you'll like this one and stay tuned for more.

Although I already wrote a review (I changed my theme since then so it doesn't look as it should) for the fixing spray, I decided to do a comparison between 'amazing fixing spray' and 'oil control fixing spray', since some of you have been asking what's the difference.


I ordered this one about a year ago, just in time for summer heat, from which this fixing spray should protect your make-up. And it did. I was beyond happy I ordered it. Of course I wasn't using it every day - on special occasions or when I knew I'll be away for the whole day and I needed my make-up to be on point. My make-up stayed on for at least 8 hours, I only had to re-apply my lipstick. I ran out of it about a month ago and since I was just filling my online bag at I also ordered the new version -


Although my skin is mixed (I have dry cheeks, but my T-zone gets quite oily sometimes - I start shining during the day) I thought it would be perfect, because it should matify your face. When I used it I was shining like a pig. Sorry for the expression, but I did. (I should probably use shined bright like a diamond, right? :D) I then thought that it was just because it was so damn hot and I was sweating. But then a friend of mine told me about her experience and said that she had the same problem - no matte finish, she was also shining. I then used it a couple of times more, when the temperatures were lower, so I'd se if the problem was my sweating, but it turned out the problem wasn't me. I also read some other blogger's reviews and found out they had the same issue. I'm sad to leave a negative review, especially because I was expecting so much from this product. 

Final thought: 
As I said, I love the first one, but the oil control spray is fired from the job. I will definitely order a new 'amazing fixing spray' soon, because this summer the heat is unbelievable and I need something to keep my make-up in place! 


Let me know what you think of these two if you've used them. If you have any suggestions for trying out new make-up products or for my next post let me know in the comment section below.

xx, Natasha


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