Review: Makeup Revolution anti-bacterial brush cleaner spray

Hey dolls,

I'm a huuuuge fan of make-up revolution and I have quite a collection of their products so why not order more, right? ;) I also posted this photo a while ago on my instagram, but I got some more products since then. 

One of my newest members of MR collection is this antibacterial brush cleaner that cleans my brushes in NO time. All I have to do is spray a few times, wipe it with a towel and let it dry.

I was impressed with the simple and fast use of it. The smell is also nice and it's not strong, just what I like, because I sometimes get irritated with strong smelling products (some of them even cause a gag reflex or coughing).
I'm now also thinking of buying brush shampoo which is also by Makeup revolution, but I promised myself not to buy too much make-up and cosmetic products (yeah, like that's going to happen, haha).


You can see it yourself that this spray does a really good job - all my powder and eyeshadow is cleaned off, I just have to wait a few minutes so the get dry and they're ready for new make-up looks!

Final thought: I definitely think you should buy it, it's simple, fast and anti-bacterial - your brushes need cleaning so your face is clean too.

Let me know what you think of it if you've used it or if you tried the brush shampoo. If you have any suggestions for trying out new make-up products or for my next post let me know in the comment section below.

xx, Natasha

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  1. Super objava, tudi jaz obo┼żujem Makeup Revolution! :)