REVIEW: Artistry Signature Color lipstick

Hey dolls!

I was testing quite a lot lipsticks and other lip products in the past few weeks. Today, I'm sharing my swatches and a review of two of the Artistry Signature colors lipsticks and I also have a giveaway for you on my facebook page - HERE

I've tried Artistry products before and I also did a review of Artistry's eyeshadow palette - SEE IT HERE.

I'm not really used to wearing nude-ish and sheer lipsticks, but this was a nice, welcomed change. I've tried two shade from the Artistry Indigo Skies collection - Pink Quartz and Coral Sunrise - and I also have the shade Sandstone for one of my Slovenian readers at the end of this post!



The lipsticks are sheer with a creamy formula that moisturizes your lips and they have a glossy, shimmery finish.

Although I'm more used to matte (and red) lipsticks, I think these two are a warm-welcomed change in my collection, perfect for everyday make-up.
I wore them to school, because I'm starting to feel more comfortable wearing nuder shades and the heavy red lipstick are a bit hard to maintain during lunch and classes. The Artistry lipsticks are light and I almost forgot I was wearing them. They do need a little correction every now and then, but that's completely normal.

I prefer the shade Coral sunrise, because it's more pigmented and I think the shade fits me more - you will definetly be seeing more make-up looks wearing it on my instagram. ;)

And now, the part most of you have been waiting for - the GIVEAWAY. This is only open for Slovenian readers.

Si želiš to čudovito Artistry​ šminko v odtenku Sandstone? 

Za sodelovanje v nagradni igri obišči mojo facebook stran TUKAJ
in jo všečkaj, nato pa pod fotografijo pusti odgovor na vprašanje:

Katera je tvoja najljubša jesenska šminka in kakšne odtenke sicer najraje nosiš? 

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