REVIEW: Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner (504)

Hey dolls!

I'm back with another Golden Rose product review - this time a thing I wouldn't and couldn't live without - a lip liner. I NEVER apply lipstick without (over)drawing my lips, because it just look horrible and the application of a lipstick is much harder without the liner.

I chose the shade 504 because the seller in the Golden Rose store in Ljubljana wore it and I just said 'I need this one!'.

I like the fact that the formula is creamy, because the too dry liners are harder to apply, they also make my lips dry or some of them aren't even as visible as they are supposed to be (??). 

So, creamy liner it is! <3

I love to wear liners with a creamy formula because it's easier to apply them all over my lips, especially if I don't have a matching lipstick.

Although I'm more of a red-lipstick-all-the-time person, I think I need a change every now and then, that's why I chose this very-unlike-me shade. It turned out to be pretty awesome, besides the lovely shade and the formula I love, it is also long lasting - important for me, because I live for the 'wake up - make-up' routine, so I need my lips to be in place from around 7am to whenever I come home, usually in the late afternoon. Of course, it needs correction every time I eat and drink, but that's something I do with any lip liner/lipstick.

I would definitely recommend you the Dream lips lipliner, I'm sure I'll be buying myself some new shades soon!

xx N

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