Bell Hypoallergenic sponge

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By now, you've probably all heard of beauty blenders, make-up sponges -- whatever you'd like to call them.

You can use them for applying primer, foundation and for contouring. The round bottom is perfect for foundation and the pointy tip for concealer. I also love to bake my under-eye bags with the pointy tip and my favorite fixing powder. Find it HERE.

*The original Beautyblender's sponge is pink, but now more and more make-up companies are starting to sell their own in different colors. My favorite one is from BELL (click).

I was a bit sceptical when buying it for the first time, whether it really is such a great substitute for some of the brushes/fingers or not. And it is. I absolutely love sponges and I don't go applying my make-up without one. Or two. 

When applying anything liquid, like foundation or primer, make sure to dampen the sponge before doing anything or the sponge will absorb most of the product. You can run the sponge under water and squeeze it out.
TIP: I love my spray bottle - I fill it with water and spray the sponge when doing my make-up in the morning. Quick and easy!

Don't squeeze the foundation directly on the sponge, use your hand instead. You will know exactly how much product to apply and won't have any excess on your face.

Dabbing, pressing the product into the skin is called stippling. Doing that will give you more coverage with less product and the pointy tip will get it everywhere - under eyes and around the nose.

"The only baking I do is my face." Not completely true for me, but I love that statement (I believe Jeffree Star said it!). I found out the easiest way to 'bake my face' or set my under-eye area is to use a sponge! Make sure to use a different one, because this one has to be wet when applying powders!

Yes, you can even use your sponge to apply you favorite cream, serum or moisturizer. It's actually perfect for those products because it's so gentle and won't rub your face. Again -- dampen the sponge before use!

I know I'm not a pro at make-up, but I just wanted to share my personal experience with beauty sponges. I hope I helped you in any way or that you've learned something new!

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