LIP CONTOUR || Review: Bell Hypoallergenic lip liners 01, 02 & 03

Full face contour and nose contour are quite normal, right?! I mean, everyone does it (or has at least tried to). I've seen soooo many weird contours of different body parts lately - neck, six pack and even feet?! Okay, if we sum this up, lip contour isn't even that big of a deal. And it's super easy. I'm not discovering hot water here, just sharing my little tips and tricks on how to get bigger and luscious lips with one make-up product! (Thanks mommy Huda Beauty) I believe lip liner is a very important product in your make-up bag (and a must in mine). I never, and I really mean NEVER, apply lipstick without using lip liner first. And if I really like the color, I apply it all over my lips, not using any lipstick at all. A lip liner helps you to draw a thin and precise line, especially if you want to overline a little (but only a little, haha). How to contour your lips: (Wanted to do my own video, but I ran out of time due to all the exams.. Let me know If you would still want to see how I do it.)

My favorite lip liners at the moment are from Bell Hypoallergenic (get them HERE)*. I own shade 01, 02 and 03 and I LOVE all of them! I never liked liners that are creamy but I began to like them once I've tried out these babies! Some liners often dry out my lips, but not those. Because the colors are that nice, I usually don't even use a lipstick over them, but just apply them all over my lips. I love the fact that they last quite a long time -- because you know, busy girls don't have all the time in the world to fix their make-up every few seconds -- they stay on for a few hours, but depends on how much you eat or drink in the meantime. I got some of them only a few days ago and I know they won't last long in my make-up bag -- gotta buy new ones (Just in case! :p).

*Slovenske bralke lahko Bell izdelke kupite tudi v Nami, Maxiju in Tuš drogerijah.

Shade 01 Very light pink, not my favorite color - just because it's too light and it doesn't look that good on me. I usually wear it to school or on casual days when I don't feel like wearing a red lipstick.

Shade 02 Heeeeey, Kylie! Although I firstly thought this would look absolutely terrible on me, I think it turned out quite nice at the end. If you're looking for a cheaper version of a Kylie lip liner, I think Bell can give you that Kylie Jenner effect.

Shade 03 A gooorgeous purple shade that would probably look on anyone, on any skin tone! Although I'm not used to wearing this kind of shades, I've used it quite a few times in past few days.

I'm also looking forward to try any new shades, of course I'd love a red or more orangey shade - I hope Bell makes them (sooooooon)!!

Thanks for reading! Love, Natasha

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