HOW TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR FACE || Review: Bell Hypoallergenic highlighter

Hey dolls!
Today I will be talking about my new obsession - highlighters. Although I never really liked them (I was against putting anything *shiny shimmery glittery* on my face), the more I watched Nikkie Tutorials the more I started to love THE glow.

HOW TO USE HIGHLIGHTERS The reason why we use highlighters is putting a little (extra) shine to our face - because we mainly use matte foundation. It changes our make-up look completely and if applied correctly, it will give us the perfect glow. STEP 1 Choose your highlighter. (Duhhh) It can be liquid, cream or powder - whatever floats your boat. My current favorite is from Bell Hypoallergenic which you can buy HERE. (Review at the end of the post!) As for the color options - For my fair(y) ladies out there, pink tones will be the best option. On the other hand, gold tones should fit everyone. STEP 2 Choose a brush you're going to use - the best ones are probably tapered brushes and fan brushes, which I normally use. Some people also apply the highlighter with their fingers or a sponge. TIP: If you use the same brush for foundation and highlighter, the foundation that's left on the brush will make it easier to blend. STEP 3 Apply the highlighter to the top of your cheekbones - from apples to temples. I also always highlight my nose, my cupid's bow and my chin. You an also add a little glow to your forehead, under the brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes. TIP: Apply highlighter after foundation but before concealer. STEP 4 Smile and enjoy your natural looking glow!

REVIEW: Bell Hypoallergenic highlighter

This is the highlighter all my fellow bloggers seem to be talking about lately. And let me tell you - IT IS worth the hype! And the price is just a bonus - it will cost you less than 6€! Get it HERE.

I love the color - the champagne shade usually fits every skin tone, so this one will be great for either fair or darker skin.

You won't even need a lot of the product on your brush/finger/sponge to make it look amazing and the best part is that it DOES stay on! It survived many nights out, throughout dancing, singing (and sweating).

I would definitely recommend it! My Slovenian readers can get it at Nama, Maxi and Tuš drogerija's or at My international readers can get Bell Hypoallergenic products at

Thanks for reading! Xx, N


  1. Joj ta highlighter je res super. Bom ga definitivno kupila. xx

  2. Tale že nekaj časa kliče moje ime s polic :) So pa zdaj Bell stojala tudi v Maxiju in v novem Mercatorju v Šiški :)