Make Up Factory - Gloss Expansion

Hey dolls!
The Gloss Expansion collection by MakeUp Factory just came out TODAY and because I had the privilege to test them out before their launch, I already have a review of the full collection, including all the swatches. The new collection includes 11 shades in different textures with high shine, shimmer effect and ultra matte finish. Due to this, and the fact that there are various different shades, I am sure all of us will find the right color. Let's dig in! 

HIGH SHINE LIP GLOSS offers intense shine and a look of wet lips that makes them appear fuller. The brush makes application easy and precise, and keeps a feeling of light formula even when layering the gloss. I would recommend the use of a lip liner under the gloss, to give it even more precision. 37 - APRICOT SHINE This one doesn't include any shimmer but still gives your lips a nice wet and moisturized look.
38 - IRIDESCENT APRICOT It has a defined shimmer effect that gives your lips even more dimension and makes them look fuller.
45 - IRIDESCENT ROSE It's a lighter shade than No. 38 but also has a shimmer effect and similar features.
69 - BROWN ROSE Really nice coverage and a wearable shade, I would probably pair it with Bell's lip liner (click).

HYDRO LIP SMOOTHIE paints our lips in fruity fresh colors and fragrances. It contains SPF 10 and moisturizes our lips with anti-aging hyaluronic acid that also plumps our lips and gives a cooling effect as well.
22 - FRESH ROSE It's grapefruit scent makes me want to apply it over and over again, although we all know I'm not really a fan of lip glosses. Because I'm a fan of darker lips, this is not a shade for me, but would look good over a nice (matte) lipstick.
47 - INTENSE BLACKBERRY Better than the previous color, just because the shade is darker and, for me, more wearable. But, because is a gloss, it doesn't really give a high coverage so - again - would look great over any other lipstick. This one has a nice raspberry scent.

MAT LIP FLUID LONGLASTING is a lip gloss with a matt finish and high coverage. The creamy textures is free of perfumes, parabens and silicone. Because it's mattifying it will dry out your lips a little, but that's similar to any mat gloss. It looks a bit patchy in the close-ups, probably because I failed with spreading it evenly, but look great from afar. It tends to transfer to your teeth when it's not completely dry, but once is fully matt, it will stay there. The darker the shade, the more trouble you'll be having with getting it off at the end of the day. But that's a good thing - it confirms it's name. It really is long lasting.

The darkest shade of them all. Even though I know these kind of shades don't really suit me, I would totally wear this one once I get some tan in the summer. I just think darker shades of lip products fit darker skin tones better.

38 - CLASSIC RED Take a guess - Yes, this one is definitely my favorite. When I have to choose between different shades of red, I usually pick this one. My favorite from this collection!

45 - ULTRA PINK Although I rarely wear pink because it doesn't go well with my orange hair, this color is really interesting and would be perfect for a night out!

I once heard a saying that 'coral fits everyone' and I would agree on this one. I instantly fell in love with it and it will be one of my summer faves, for sure.

This one would easily be paired with another one of Bell's lip liners and is one of the rare nudish colors I would actually wear.

I hope you liked the post - Thanks for reading!

Love, N


  1. Brown rose & intense blackberry sta mi presenetljivo najlepša <3

    Uh, si se pa namatrala za tole objavo, bravo super :)

    1. Meni so pa mat najljubši - predvsem classic red in coral rose. <3 Je bilo kar dela ja - ampak je bilo zabavno! :D

  2. Hudooo! Shine glosi me ne ganejo,tile matte pa ... morem se odlocit kateri mi NI tolko vsec. :D

  3. Tudi meni so tile mat bolj wauuuu :P Wild berry mi je všečen, na tebi pridejo pa vsi lepo, ti dejansko vsi pristajajo :)

  4. Mat izgledajo super, najbolj mi je pa všeč soft raspberry. :)