Blushing with Bell Hypoallergenic

Hey dolls! 

As you can guess from the title, I'll be talking about a blush from Bell Hypoallergenic. It seems to me that I'm always going over my comfort zone and trying (and wearing) different products that I usually do, ever since I started working with Bell Cosmetics Slovenia. Awesome, right?!

Because I naturally blush really REALLY quickly and the foundation never covers it up completely, I never really used blushes before. Just because I didn't want to turn out as a clown with two red dots on my cheeks. 

As for the Bell blush goes, I've been now using it for about two months. The colour is great and everything, but although it's great that I don't turn into a clown the second the brush touches my face, I think it could have been more pigmented. When swatching it with my finger, it needs a few swipes before showing the real color. I've used different brushes, thinking the first one just wasn't picking up enough, but I get the same effect with all of them.

On the other hand. it looks great on camera and on photos, so that's awesome! There are three different shades (mine is 03), which you can get HERE for only 5€!


  1. Ijuuj cukrček, ful dobro izgleda na tebi😉😍 Kljub pigmentaciji mislim da ga bom šla jutri iskat, ker je čisto moj tip blusha.💓

  2. Ful je lep odtenek, sploh nimam nobenega koralnega....