Happy Birthday Golden Rose!

Vlogger Anita Basanovic(beautybyanita).

Golden Rose - the holy grail of quality for the best price!

Golden Rose celebrated the first year of presence here in Slovenia and we wished the team a happy birthday at the lovely café Zvezda in the National Gallery. One of my favorite bloggers - Love, Eva - greeted us and told us a little more about the brand itself. We also got to meet Enisa and Amir Musai, the brand representative for Slovenia, and Gregor Koprivnik that runs my favorite Slovenian online store - ličila.si. Make-up artist Mateja Pozeb demonstrated the application of Golden Rose make-up on a model, so we could really see how awesome the products are!

Gregor Koprivnik, ličila.si, and Enisa Musai, Golden Rose.

Mateja Pozeb, AlterEGO.

Birthday = cake! Anisa cut into the cake and the real celebration has begun! Whether you know the brand or you've just heard about it right now - you should run to the nearest store or web shop to order your favorites! I already wrote about their products on my blog - HERE!

Photo: Katarina Veselič


  1. Joj, ziher ste se imele prečudovito :D Torta izgleda nadvse slastno :D Kaj je bila sadna ? :P

    1. Super je bilo! Mogoce malo prepozna ura (zaradi svetlobe predvsem), ampak je bilo zanimivo!

      Torta pa njami! - cokoladni biskvit in krema s koscki sadja 😍

  2. Joj maš čudovite fotke! Res je bilo fajn :)