I'm not a fan of stick make-up - whether it is concealer, blush or highlighter - it just doesn't work on my skin. To be completely honest, this formula is probably my least favorite of all, BUT I decided to give Bell's novelties a go. Stick make-up is a big trend this season and everyone seems to love it and every brand seems to have it.

I tried the blend stick make-up (stick foundation) and creamy rouge glow stick (stick blush). And how did they do?

BLEND STICK MAKE-UP comes in 5 different shades that are all quite light, based on the online swatches. I tried to guess which shade I have, because once you remove the plastic package, you no longer have the name of the product - it is the shade peach natural, which is a bit too dark for me, so that is the second reason why it didn't really work for me (first being the formula that looks bad on my skin).

While the swatches look great, the result on my actual face isn't like that. Because I have dry skin, I noticed some patchiness under and around my eyes, but overall, because the shade is still quite light, you could use it for contouring and as a highlighter, especially if you don't like too much shine. It gives a full coverage and a lightweight feeling with a velvety finish, which is great, but the formula would probably work best for oily to combination skin. You can blend it with your fingers or a beauty sponge (try this one), but it works best with a proper foundation brush.

I'm not going to criticize this one, just because it didn't quite work for me, because I believe some of you will love it! See the swatches in the photos below and order yours here for less than 8€.

For anyone that is like me and prefers a liquid foundation, THIS CC cream would impress you!

CREAMY ROUGE GLOW STICK  is a creamy stick blush that is very similar to the blend stick make-up in the formula and application, but it worked better for me. I actually used it both as contour and blusher - and I think it looked great. I used an oval brush to blend it and because it has a little glow in it, you won't need a lot of higlighter.

The rouge glow stick didn't turn out as patchy and the finish was velvety like with the blend stick, but it turned out great. I will probably use this one again, but if you prefer powder blushes, try THIS one.

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  1. O, tale glow stick blush izgleda super. Je pa res, da imam sama rada malce močnejši videz oz. izrazit. xx